Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe some one who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

As an organization gets larger there can be a tendency for the “institution” to dampen the “inspiration.” How do you keep this from happening?

How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?

Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?

Which is most important to your organization—mission, core values or vision?

How do you or other leaders in your organization communicate the “core values”?

How do you encourage others in your organization to communicate the “core values”?

Do you set aside specific times to cast vision to your employees and other leaders?

How do you ensure your organization and its activities are aligned with your “core values”?

How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?

When faced with two equally-qualified candidates, how do you determine whom to hire?

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?

What is the one behavior or trait that you have seen derail more leaders’ careers?

Can you explain the impact, if any, that social networking and Web 2.0 has made on your organization or you personally?

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader?

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

You might start by asking yourself these questions. Better yet, ask them and then blog about them. This will give you some basis of comparison as you begin to learn from the leaders around you.

Question: What do you like to ask other leaders when you get the chance?

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