New Managers: The Complete Guide | Officevibe https://www.officevibe.com/complete-guide-new-manager
"Being a manager is about bringing out the best in people. That’s the bottom line. It’s a selfless, people-first, heart-driven role, and it’s worth every second of the complexity if you’re in it for the right reasons."
"Leadership - for better or for worse - directly affects the level of engagement and commitment an employee feels towards their organization. In fact, 75% of employees who quit their jobs, quit because of their manager."
"High-level responsibilities of a manager*:
Develop, support, coach, motivate and reward employees.
Plan ahead and evaluate projects and tasks.
Define (with employees) clear roles and responsibilities.
Establish goals and performance standards.
Create a healthy work environment by implementing and maintaining work systems, policies and procedures.
Network and act as a liaison between employees and upper management."
"Help employees grow by letting them test, learn and fail without fear."