What is a Tech Lead?


By its most basic definition, a Tech Lead is "solely accountable for a project's success, spending 30% of their time writing code, and the other 70% managing a project". The Lead is no misnomer — your purpose is to navigate a team of talented engineers through choppy waters, direct them, steer them away from hazards, clear obstacles, and to keep them well fed with meaningful work.

This is easier said than done.

There are myriad skills a Tech Lead must possess and cultivate, but the most important are sincere empathy, crystal clear communication, and technical excellence. These skills are equally weighted. The Tech Lead is a "hybrid" role with one foot in management and the other in engineering, and acts as a liaison between project expectations and development tasks. A project's success is on the Tech Lead's shoulders, and it is on Webflow's shoulders to ensure they are excessively supplied with the support required to succeed.

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