So, without further ado, here are the 32 most highly-responded employee engagement survey questions from Know Your Team….

Have you met the last person we hired?

How many miles do you travel to/from work each day, and how long does it take?

Is risk-taking in the team encouraged, and what happens when people fail?

Do you want more feedback about your performance?

Do we get together as a whole company often enough?

What would you want our team to be known for 20 years from now?

Have you ever been afraid to suggest an idea at work because you thought someone might shoot it down?

Do you feel like you know what is expected of you in each of the areas you are responsible for?

If someone asked you to describe the vision of the company, would a clear answer immediately come to mind?

How is our team doing with gender equality? (You can keep your response private, it won’t be shared.)

Do you have time in your day to learn?

Do you feel like we have too many meetings?

What is the most repetitive part of your job, and do you have any suggestions for streamlining it?

What changes would you suggest making to our monthly team meeting structure?

Do we provide enough context about how we’re doing as a company?

Are there things you don’t know about the company that you feel you should know?

Is there one specific part of your job that you find the most difficult? What is it and why?

Which core value of the team speaks to you most, and why?

Do you crave more depth in any area of the work you do?

What are your top 2 wishlist items for your desk/work station?

Do you feel like your ideas are being considered?

Do you feel comfortable speaking up if you see something at work that doesn’t feel right?

Are you afraid of anything at work?

Do we make the time to recognize each other for a job well done?

Are you proud of how we treat our customers?

Is there anyone at the company you wish you could apprentice under or shadow for a day?

Are there any small things we could do to show our appreciation for each other’s work?

Did you have at least one 4-hour block of uninterrupted time to work last week?

Have you been confused by any recent decisions at the company?

What is your most productive time of day and environment?

Are there any benefits we don’t offer that you’d like to see us offer?

Did you take a vacation last year?

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