What is Leadership

Have a vision and lead change

Be your formation’s moral and ethical compass

Learn, think, and adapt

Balance risk and opportunity to retain the initiative

Build agile, effective, high performing teams

Empower subordinates and underwrite risk

Develop bold, adaptive, and broadened leaders

Communicate-up, down, and laterally; tell the story

Leadership Defined

Leadership is influencing people—by providing purpose, direction and motivation—while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization. Influencing means getting people to do what you want them to do. Through your words and example, you must communicate purpose, direction and motivation. Purpose gives Soldiers a reason to do things. You must earn their trust and they know from experience that you care about them. Soldiers want direction. They want to be given challenging tasks, training in how to accomplish them and the resources necessary to do them well. Motivation gives subordinates the will to do everything they can to accomplish a mission. Motivate your Soldiers by giving them missions that are challenging. Leaders motivate their Soldiers by the examples they set. The best leaders lead from the front. It is important to be where the action is.

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