technical lead EM

  • Has a broad set of expertise and experience on various technical matters
  • Spends time hands-on writing code, or driving technical discussions and decisions
  • Actively guides architecture, tool choices and internal technical quality

team lead em

  • Grows team members and builds a high-performing team
  • Spends time recruiting, and organising activities that increase retention
  • Creates an environment of psychological safety, enabling team members to thrive

delivery EM

  • Continually tunes the team software process to deliver a sustainable and seamless flow of value
  • Navigates and overcomes organisational processes and structures (i.e bureaucracy)
  • Communicates, reports to and aligns with stakeholders
  • Manages product and project delivery and risks

product EM

  • Focuses on the “Why”, “What” and the “What next” rather than the “How”
  • Spends significant time on customer and market research building rich industry domain knowledge
  • Shapes product strategy and direction and sets appropriate business context
  • Aligns outcomes with capabilities and features

lead of leads EM