Marcus Blankenship

Some of you wanted to know how to get more feedback from your team, so you don’t feel like you’re driving blind.

So, I whipped up thirteen questions which will give you more insights into how your team perceives you:

“What would you do in my situation?” “How could I have gotten a better result?” “What perspective am I missing here?” “From where you sit, what am I optimizing for?” “What is our most important priority as a team this week?” “What should I work on to be twice as effective?” “How would you describe my leadership style?” “What needs to be said that I’m not talking about?” “If I were an animal, what animal would I be?” “What do you wish I’d do more of?” “What do you wish I’d do less of?” “What do you notice about the way I work, that I might not realize?” “What should I spend more time on this week?” If you ask these, write down the answer, thank the person, and don’t get defensive.

Remember, if the person wants an immediate answer, you always have the right to say:

”Thank you. I need to think about it — I’ll get back with you tomorrow.”

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